Local MP pledges support for the arts ahead of the CSR

I don’t know about you, but here at Rich Mix we are waiting nervously for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to stand up in Parliament next week to make his announcement about the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

It’s already clear from looking at some of the initial departments to settle that all aspects of public spending are under very close scrutiny, and we are not expecting the arts sector to be excluded from that scrutiny.

At Rich Mix, we’ve been very well supported by  Rushanara Ali, our local MP who  came in to meet us and a number of the other  arts organisations  who live in our building. She sent a powerful letter  of advocacy to the Treasury, which is attached here.

It remains to see be seen if the Chancellor is genuinely in listening mode, but we are hope that he won’t do anything which damages or restricts the immense cultural and economic benefits which arts brings to all of our communities. Look forward to seeing your responses once we know how the statement goes.

Jane Earl, Chief Executive, Rich Mix

Letter from Rushanara Ali MP