Future Arts Centres offers a number of paid services for its members and other organisations.

Place-based cultural strategy development


We bring expertise in developing place-based cultural strategies that are responsive to the needs of local people and stakeholders. We can support the following:

  • Establishment of place-based partnerships
  • Creative consultation with local people and organisations
  • Development of local visions and ambitions

Costs will be based on the scope and scale of the work involved. Our usual day rate is £800 per day.

Recruitment advisory service for leadership positions

We have considerable experience of working with boards to recruit new leadership teams. We are not recruitment consultants or head-hunters, but we bring direct knowledge and experience of what is involved in leading an arts organisation.

We can support you to:

  • Determine the best leadership structure for your organisation
  • Develop job application packs to attract the right candidates
  • Share the information via our networks and to encourage relevant people to apply
  • Design inclusive recruitment processes that provide multiple ways to get to know candidates
  • Support shortlisting and interviews, as an advisor/observer

Costs will be tailored to suit the level of input required, but as a guide, support for the recruitment of a CEO would be c£6,000 plus expenses.

Onboarding support for new leaders

Moving to a new organisation or stepping up to a leadership role for the first time can be a very lonely experience for the candidate, and a nervous time for boards. We can offer packages to support new leaders during their first six months, which include:

  • Working with boards and staff teams to develop appropriate induction plans
  • One to one support for new leaders, including pre-start date planning, weekly check-ins and hands-on support for particular challenges

Costs will be tailored to suit the level of input required but, as a guide, a basic package would be c£7,000 plus expenses, with additional costs for any hands-on support required.

Facilitation at staff and board level

We are experienced at facilitating strategic discussions at staff and board level, particularly around future planning, organisational development and governance. We take time to listen to what needs to be achieved, plan with you and lead an inclusive discussion that arrives at clear outcomes.

Prices vary but, as a guide, costs for members are £600 for a half-day session and £1,100 for a full day, plus expenses and including all preparation. (Rates for organisations who are not members of Future Arts Centres will be in the region of £1,500 plus expenses for a full day.)

Other consultancy and support

We can also provide other consultancy services, advice and support to arts centres and other organisations.

If you would like more information or to discuss your circumstances, please feel free get in touch.



Please note that Future Arts Centres is not currently VAT registered, so no VAT is charged on these rates or costs.



For more information or to arrange any consultancy and support services, please get in touch:

Christine Lee at